Apply for auction. The way to take land in rent is particularly relevant in large cities, where to land in the rental queue and the bidding is almost impossible. The tenant is entitled to rent the plot of land at auction, gets the opportunity to transform and build on it.
Or go to the local administration and write a statement about the desire to obtain land in long-term rent. You will be put on the queue. You can specify a specific plot you wish to rent. If the land is owned and not given to anyone in the rental, you have a chance to get it.
Collect the necessary documents. You are required to make technical documents of the land, which are compiled on the basis of the topographic survey of the plot, its size, borders, etc. With these documents go to the Federal Office for the unified accounting of land, cadastre and cartography. There you will get cadastral passport and copy of cadastral plan of the land plot.
Now go to your local authorities and make a contract of lease of the land. It is in writing. The lessor in case of such a lease may only be the owner of this land, anyone else has the right to sign the Treaty. If in the future you plan to get the ownership of this land, the long term lease of land is made in the form intended for the contract of sale of land.
Complete the relevant application form. To it remember to enclose the receipt confirming payment of state duty for registration of a land plot in rent and fees for registration of rights to land. For individuals, rentalguide landmust be notarized spousal consent to the registration of this transaction.
Go to the territorial Department of the Federal Registration Service (FRS). After about a month your long-term rental will register and will make the appropriate entry in the Unified state register of rights. You can start to use the land only after completion of registration of the lease.