The search market is definitely the key point in organization of business, determining future success of the begun business. The most useful option is the self-examination of the market and the selection of a suitable site, but do not forget that the best place is almost always busy. So first call your local market and learn about the availability and cost of vacant places, examine the options proposed.
Once you have decided on the location, enclose the property market lease, which should stipulate obligations of the parties, the settlement procedure between the parties, the validity, responsibility of the parties, details of the lessor and lessee. Typically, such a contract is standard form, but before signing carefully it carefully for "gotchas."
After the conclusion of the lease contract, you need to run the point - for this you need to choose the seller. From it largely depends on the further success of the business, so opt for the first person is not worth it. Don't forget that the seller needs to possess qualities such as politeness, honesty and integrity, in addition, it should not scare off potential buyers, but rather to attract them. When hiring a person to work ask for recommendations from previous employers.
Approximately determine the expected profit, to understand how to quickly pay off the costs associated with the rental of space on the market. What of the sale price of 1 kg or 1 unit of production, subtract the purchase cost of the obtained result and multiply by estimated average sales per day. Then subtract the cost of rental space and salaries for the seller on the day. The final amount will be the approximate daily revenue per retail space. Note that you could always be indeterminate administrative costs that also need to be considered.
Now we have to win the trust of buyers to people once acquired the products at your shop, wanted to buy products from you again and again. Try to gradually expand its range, thus attracting new customers.
Periodically compare prices on the same product that is traded competitors, and try not to overstate.
Often lease of retail space indicated that in the event of late payment the tenant must pay the penalty rather impressive, therefore payment terms must be observed.