You will need
  • - Handbook of horary astrology
  • - lunar calendar
  • - metal detector
If you lost a ring in his apartment, in his summer cottage, or any other, inaccessible to strangers and random people place, first of all – relax and chill out. It is likely, being in an excited and agitated state the other day, you lose focus and not see the ring, even if it's right before your eyes. Wait some time, try to remember where you saw him last.
Take a red handkerchief, tie it around the chair legs and begin a slow search of a ring, not forgetting to say: "Grandfather Domovoy, played, played, and give." Of course, from a scientific point of view it is impossible to explain the mechanism of action of these words, and yet, often it works. But if you are an absolute opponent of contact with otherworldly forces even thus, but want to try to find a gold ring this way, during the search prigovarivaya: "the Memory come back to me now, to help find missing and hidden from my eyes, master hurry back".
Look at the lunar calendar and determine which zodiac sign is the Moon at the beginning of the search ring. Then open the Chapter "How to find lost things," in the Handbook of horary astrology, and choosing a corresponding item, read the possible locations of your loss. By the way, here is a list of search locations, not only at home but also outside it.
Apply the detector as the most reliable, although time-consuming method to find a Golden ring. Of course, buying it for this purpose absolutely not necessary. If you know any Amateur look at leisure treasures, you can ask for it. If not, take a metal detector hire. It is not expensive – in the range of $ 10. If you have a choice, take the model of the metal detector, which you can set a certain type of search, in particular, gold or rings.