To see the Golden ring in a dream is a generally favorable sign. If your sweetheart gives you dream you ring, then waking soon should receive an offer of marriage. Great role play items. If the ring with bright gem, it means that the person who will make you an offer, will become a reliable support in life, and concluded the Union promises to be bright and happy. However, if you dream you drop or lose an engagement ring, this marriage is doomed, you will not find peace and happiness.

This dream may also Herald the birth of a child in the family.

If you gives the ring a complete stranger, it means the performance of your old desires.

Generally, gold rings in a dream often symbolize a cherished dream, so if you put on her finger a beautiful gold jewelry, in reality, your desires will be fulfilled.

To find a Golden ring suddenly find happiness. In your life, a period of luck, and you will be able to dispose of the bear case is entirely depends on you.

If you dream you lost a gold ring, then you will be big disappointment in reality. You will not be able to competently take advantage of the happy coincidence and miss your chance.

In your sleep you gave the ring of a deceased relative – so in reality you have to assume the responsibilities of the deceased. To assume its obligations.

If you dream you gives ring someone from living relatives, then it is necessary to pay careful attention to the sign. Often this dream is a warning that soon this person will not be able to perform their duties and you have to do it for him. For example, she dreamed that her mother gave her two rings. A few weeks later the girl found out that she is expecting a child and her mother received a terminal diagnosis.

If you dream you are giving the ring to another person — you really want to change my life and abandon relationships that you become a burden.

To dream of gold rings on other people – you will be dealing with affluent and influential people, and also, this dream promises new acquaintances and pleasant pastime.