The signs that will lead to the failure of a marriage

One of the most famous take that will lead to divorce or an unhappy marriage is to drop the engagement ring in front of the altar or the registry office during the exchange of rings.

There is a popular belief - it is impossible for anyone to give up their engagement ring before the wedding, and especially to allow to try it. It is believed that this leads to loss of happiness and well-being.

Even many modern people who do not believe in omens, I think that losing an engagement ring can lead to troubles in the marital relationship. Since ancient times, the couple wore or treasured her rings until his death.
After divorce should not wear wedding rings as simple pieces of jewelry. It is believed that it prevents new love to enter a person's life. Widowed spouses wear the ring on his left hand.

You should not take the wedding rings of the parents, if their married life was hard and calm. Although the signs have the opposite effect: if the parents long and happy marriage, their rings will bring good luck to the newlyweds.

Do not purchase engagement rings from the hands (second hand). It's a bad omen, which symbolizes the wearing of the opponent's fate (energy) for yourself.

Signs that promises a happy and long married life

It is believed that the smooth wedding ring simple design of the same material (gold, silver, platinum) guarantee a peaceful and happy family life. Jewelry with precious stones is usually presented on the engagement.
There is a sign: the bigger and more expensive wedding rings, the couple, the more financial wealth is in the family.

A good sign is engraved inside wedding rings. Significant for the couple, the inscription carries a positive energy and symbolizes love and loyalty.

For women who want to quickly get pregnant, there is also a legend associated with wedding rings. To do this, three times to RUB wedding ring girlfriend which is waiting for the baby.

In the Slavic tradition it is customary that the engagement ring (and myself and the bride) bought the groom. Good luck – the joint purchase of the rings future newlyweds. It symbolizes seriousness and harmony in a couple.

Folk superstitions and traditions of centuries are passed on from generation to generation, to listen to them or not – a private affair of each person. The main thing to remember is that everyone is a Creator of your destiny, and the wedding ring is a powerful ancient symbol of love and Union of two hearts.