Advice 1: What to do if the engagement ring was not enough

Engagement ring – not a simple decoration, as is sung in one famous song. And this is the truth. For some, the wedding ring is a symbol for the other talisman. Of course, there are those who do not give it any special sense of the sacred. However indifferent the decoration, almost no one leaves. One of the problems with which often confronted the couple over time, this change in the size of the ring. Not exactly the ring itself and the finger on which it is worn. The result is a problem when a wedding ring becomes a little. And here comes the question: what to do with it?
What to do if the engagement ring was not enough
If your wedding ring has become a small or large (really? most still small), it does not mean you have to panic. Remember – the situation can be corrected. It is sufficient to find a competent master of jewelery.

What to do with a wedding ring, if it was small

The procedure that is used to increase the size of jewelry, is called rolling. In some cases, able to increase the ring size by 2. Running it is quite simple. Ring nakalyaet red hot and gently rolled on a special metal rod. It is made in the shape of a pyramid, where the maximum thickness at the base. In this case, the core is made ledges, designed for different sizes of rings.
There is a perception that it is impossible to give rolling rings with stones or rings. In fact it is not. After all the rolling is exposed only to metal. In addition, the wizard can use another option of increasing the size of the ring.

In case the ring is decorated with stone, you can increase its size by means of sawing. To do this, first get the stone, then the ring carefully sawn in the place opposite to the mounting stone, arranged by inserting an additional piece of metal soldered at the junction, and the stone is moved back.

Alternatively, you can take both engagement rings – women and men – and melt them into new ones that'll fit.

What to do with a small wedding ring, if you don't use drastic measures

There are people who are afraid to give their jewelry to the shop. The reasons for this can be many – from the fear that steal, to religious beliefs. To deliver the ring to get another mortgage, etc. for them is not an option. And just to put the ornament in the box. In this case, there is your solution to this problem.

For example, you can hang a small ring on a chain and wear it as a medallion.
This method is quite controversial, because it's all the same ring and on the neck often wear charms or cross. However, if this ring is not just a wedding, and the wedding, you can do with it and so.

In addition, experts claim that the blue ring cannot be small. If the fingers were fat, so there's a logical explanation. For example, hormonal problems, due to which you began to gain weight. Or began to appear edema. In fact, and in another case it is not good. To ring you again became fit, get health and eliminate these problems.

In a situation with decreasing ring size, there is nothing wrong. It is important not to panic and to make an informed decision. The choice anyway is yours.

Advice 2 : How to reduce Golden ring

It often happens that the ring, presented as a gift, doesn't fit. How to reduce the size so that it is not deformed and have not lost its Shine?
How to reduce Golden ring
If you decide to buy a ring, find out first the exact dimensions of the fingers of the person who will wear it. The size is the diameter in millimeters. So, for example, ring 16-gauge has a diameter of 16 mm, etc.
Ask the person you are going to give jewelry, the size of his fingers or it is better to invite him to a jeweler in order not to make the wrong choice. However, if you want to give an engagement ring to his fiancée so that it did not learned, or have to measure her fingers when she's sleeping, or take it quietly for a time one of her rings or to ask the future mother-in-law.
If you do not guess the size, and the ring is too big, you will have to contact the jeweler to slightly reduce the product. Therefore, even when choosing the rings (especially engagement), do not apply an etching (for example, with the date of your proposed wedding). It's not the fact that wedding can be upset, and that decreasing the ring almost always has a small seam of laser welding on its inner side (if the ring is large more than 1 size).
Do not buy "by eye" and rings with a scattering of stones on a circle or made of alloys of different types of gold metals (white and yellow, for example). First, the procedure of reduction of the ring in this case threatens absolute destruction of the product, and, second, the case will take, not every jeweler. In a pinch, if you don't know the exact size, buy a ring with one or two stones, which are usually before the procedure of reduction is removed, to avoid damage to them, and then putting it back in.
Before you give the ring to the wizard, ask him about the possible risks, namely:
would not it be a noticeable seam of laser welding;
- do not deform the ring;
- will not darken if the metal;
- do not burst in the future along the seam ring;
- will there be a noticeable cut metal, which is made before reducing ring.
If the ring is large not more than 0.5 size, it is generally not incised and do not weld, and squeeze on a special machine. However, after that the ring can deform somewhat.
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