Advice 1: How to find the thing lost at home

Often, find thing, lost home almost impossible to find. It would seem, is not so bad than to forget something in the shop, cafe or transport, however, the house thing could disappear without a trace and only appear when not required.
How to find the thing lost at home
In order to find a thing, lost the house, you should try to recall the order of his past actions. For example, you have lost the scissors when you remember that the last time I held them in my hands, while standing near window sill. If on the windowsill of loss is not revealed, so you have time to carry out the object in some other place. At the moment you drink the tea, and poured it was after you stood at the windowsill with a pair of scissors. It is easy to assume that, standing at the windowsill, you hear the sound of a boiling kettle and went to turn it off. At the same time you brought in a kitchen scissors and put them there to free his hands and to turn off the kettle.
Remember, not whether you invented a new place for storage of lost things. Very often we decide that any subject will now lie in a certain place, but the habit forget about it for a long time looking for him.
If the thing is small, it may well be that she fell or rolled under some piece of furniture. Look closely under and behind all cabinets, sofas, beds etc. If the house has a cat, it is likely that it could drag the object to play with him.
Our ancestors believed that the reason for the lost home things - the antics of brownie. The majority of modern people, this version may seem ridiculous and naive, but completely deny the existence of supernatural forces is impossible. Try to leave a brownie for a sweet treat, all offerings to the spirit house should be placed in the Eastern corner of the house.
There is a special conspiracy for clarifying the memory. Repeat three times the words: "Beyond the sea three dawns as to call dawn first, I forgot how to call the second, with memory washed away, and how to call the third, the virgin revealed to me". After asking a conspiracy need to go to the room where you usually sleep and stand in the middle of it. It is believed that after a few seconds, your memory becomes clearer.
So, the project home the Project the cottage for free – the fiction will tell a and, in principle, be right. What is offered for free download on the Internet – mostly sketches, not full-fledged projects of houses. And if you have found a house project with all drawings and specifications does not mean that it can be built, and a house built on such a project will not collapse in one day.
Useful advice
Among this abundance of information is sometimes difficult to quickly find the publications that will best meet your idea of the perfect home or office. Can several hours to scan one site after another, to eventually select a couple of ads out of the endless flow of information. And you can go the shorter way, which is through the online "Find a home"...

Advice 2: Home to find brownie

Brownie is a mythical master, patron of the house, looking after the welfare of the family. It is believed that before the house lived in each hut. Now residents of apartment buildings are interested in, whether in their homes the spirit-guard. It is easy to verify.
Home to find brownie
You will need
  • - candle from the Church;
  • - milk;
  • - med;
  • - gingerbread;
  • - candy;
  • - a broom or a Shoe.
According to legend, the brownie lives behind the stove (in a modern version – over the stove). If there it is not comfortable, you may choose a cozy dark corner. It is from here went to the habit to sweep away the crumbs for oven – to treat the owner of the house.
In order to understand whether you have a house, listen to the night noises in your apartment. Perhaps you are so used to them that they don't notice in the kitchen or the hallway, something POPs, knocks, rattles. If your household or animals at this time also have a rest, most likely, there is hosting spirit of the house.
Living in a private home, can, according to the beliefs of their ancestors, to see a house on Christmas, Easter or Maundy Thursday. For this you need a Church candle, which you have previously separated the entire service. Climb to the attic with a lit candle, and the house will seem, if it be his wish.
To discover a house you and in the footsteps of his "life". It is known that he is a gourmand, preferring honey, milk, cakes, candy. Leave the stove or in a dark corner, treats for the house, and if in the morning you will discover that sweets is gone, then the landlord has accepted your gift. Don't forget that Pets will feast on the delicacies house will not be mad, he loves animals and plays with them.
If after an unsuccessful search for you understand that house paid attention to your apartment, don't worry – you can find it for themselves elsewhere. Go to the village, where the houses abandoned by its inhabitants. Select the most clean and cute house. In such a will probably be to live in the house, maintaining order in anticipation of the arrival of the owners. Put the treat on the floor and invite brownie to go to you live.
Go to this house after a while. If the spirit in you will throw the object (that is, you suddenly will fall an item) or howl, then to live with you he did not intend. And if you knock on the wall, place a broom or shoes. Say aloud: "Brownie, get in the sleigh, come with us". Home spirit accepts your invitation and you will be able to bring it to his apartment.
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