In order to find a thing, lost the house, you should try to recall the order of his past actions. For example, you have lost the scissors when you remember that the last time I held them in my hands, while standing near window sill. If on the windowsill of loss is not revealed, so you have time to carry out the object in some other place. At the moment you drink the tea, and poured it was after you stood at the windowsill with a pair of scissors. It is easy to assume that, standing at the windowsill, you hear the sound of a boiling kettle and went to turn it off. At the same time you brought in a kitchen scissors and put them there to free his hands and to turn off the kettle.
Remember, not whether you invented a new place for storage of lost things. Very often we decide that any subject will now lie in a certain place, but the habit forget about it for a long time looking for him.
If the thing is small, it may well be that she fell or rolled under some piece of furniture. Look closely under and behind all cabinets, sofas, beds etc. If the house has a cat, it is likely that it could drag the object to play with him.
Our ancestors believed that the reason for the lost home things - the antics of brownie. The majority of modern people, this version may seem ridiculous and naive, but completely deny the existence of supernatural forces is impossible. Try to leave a brownie for a sweet treat, all offerings to the spirit house should be placed in the Eastern corner of the house.
There is a special conspiracy for clarifying the memory. Repeat three times the words: "Beyond the sea three dawns as to call dawn first, I forgot how to call the second, with memory washed away, and how to call the third, the virgin revealed to me". After asking a conspiracy need to go to the room where you usually sleep and stand in the middle of it. It is believed that after a few seconds, your memory becomes clearer.