Carefully inspect all the places in the house accumulate things. There are in each apartment. This can be a table in the hall, coffee table, armchair, sofa end of the kitchen, in other words, the place where your household just put things in the expectation that in a few minutes the thing will need. There is accumulated the largest layer is not clear why waiting for General cleaning. In one of those "Bermuda triangles" can hide the loss.
Inform all family members exactly what you look for. It may happen that one of them knows where is the desired thing. Describe the missing item in detail. Even if no one will remember where the missing, this will allow you to focus.
Try to remember or find out from family members, who often used the missing thingYu. Remember the basic everyday actions of this man and those places in the housewhere it most often. The fact that the person may not remember the act done out of habit. If you're used to sitting at a Desk, put items that currently do not need, it is in the top drawer of the bedside table, then most likely you will not be able to remember exactly what was in there.
Inspect seats in the house, where things of the same type as the lost object. If you are looking for a hairspray aerosol, it may be that someone put it there, where you store other spray cans. For example, with paint, air freshener and other household chemicals.
Inspect the place with your point of view, the least suitable for the desired things. If you, deep in thought about something else, put the mouse in the fridge, to find it in the usual way will be difficult.
If the loss is still not found, try, use the method Mrs. John. People in the know still suggest to tie to the leg of a chair scarf.