A dream about an engagement ring, dream woman

If in your dream you saw a beautiful wedding ring or ring, you should know that often it is good. Silver or gold ring represents friendship, support, support, and engagement. However, the dream books say that such a dream sometimes becomes a harbinger of a not too favorable events.

If an unmarried woman dreams of a wedding ring of gold, it can lead to discord relations with men. If this dream woman who has in life a permanent partner, such a dream speaks of the possible quarrels and contentions, which, in the end, can lead to separation.

For the girl who goes to the brides or married women dream about losing wedding rings – a bad sign, it's the same thing that the loss of the ring in real life - a bad omen. Find lost in the dream ring is a very good sign for your family and personal life.
This dream portends a peaceful and quiet life with her husband, a relationship that began to subside once again reborn, will return former passion and feelings will play with the same force.

If the girl in the dream wears a ring on his finger, beloved, the dream symbolizes the loyalty of this person and the seriousness of his intentions. If in the dream the girl having trouble finding a ring, maybe in life she will be disappointed in the chosen partner.
To give in the dream someone wedding ring, means that your sweetheart may is using your kindness and trust.

If you are a married woman and you dream of as you try on an engagement ring, you need to pay attention to your spouse. Maybe he doesn't quite get enough attention from your side. If in the dream, buying an engagement ring, you can expect a romantic gift from your husband. If you dream that a young man puts you on a ring finger the wedding ring is so in your real life very soon, you will associate the unpleasant, painful obligations.

Wedding ring in a dream men

If in the dream an unmarried man sees a wedding ring or perhaps even two - is a sign that the man will soon meet a girl that will love and probably even decide to marry. But this is only provided that in the dream, with the rings not made any manipulation.

If the guy in the dream wears a ring on the finger of his beloved, or observes the ring on his finger - a clear sign that his wish to marry or start living with a woman is hasty at the moment.