Myths and superstitions

It is believed that any jewelry used, have the energy of their former owners. Believe it or not - you decide. If the parents have lived in a happy and strong marriage until the silver wedding (25 of marriage) and now sincerely together with rings want to give you their precious experience, then why not accept such a gift.

Some psychics and esoteric assure that the metal has no energy memory. The ability to remember the power of the person have only natural stones (turquoise, emerald, etc.). If decorating with a stone, then the probability to pick up someone else's energy can be up to 80%.

To determine whether the decorations are negative energy by using Church candles or needles with white thread. The ring should hold it over a lighted candle for a few seconds. If the flame becomes restless or takes away from the ring, so the decoration is loaded with negativity. The same thing happens to a needle when you hold it on a string above the ring.

In the old days decoration, prepared as a gift, cleaned the old energy with the help of Holy water and salt. Waiting for a new moon and three days left of decorations in a transparent glass with a Holy or a little salt water. To determine the young moon on the location of the Crescent. If you look at the moon directly in front of you and the Crescent moon is to the left, then the moon is decreasing. To the right is growing (new).

To some signs it is impossible to melt the parent engagement rings, then to wear in your wedding day. Melting of rings carries a powerful energy of destruction that can have a negative impact on the future of the Union.

In General, the practice of transferring engagement rings from the parents of future newlyweds applied for a long time and have secured the glory of the old tradition.

To wear or not the parent ring for your wedding

A definite answer to this question is no, it all depends on the specific situation and the desire of the newlyweds.

On the one hand, loving parents never wish their children a bad future. On the other hand, a young family wants to start their life together with a clean slate, and hence engagement ring must be chosen at its discretion in a jewelry store.

If you don't want to wear the parent ring, delicately tell his parents about it. Explain that you appreciate such care and respect their life experience, but nothing compares with the thrill of the thrill of choosing wedding dresses and rings. In the end, it is your wedding and only you can decide what it will be and what attributes are necessary for its implementation.