The ring is not only a symbol of love and fidelity, it is a talisman of good luck and decoy. Anyone who has knowledge about the symbolism and semantics, can tell a lot about a person just by looking at his hands in the rings or without them.


It is believed that the ring on the ring finger of his right hand – the symbol of matrimony on the finger of his left hand – a sign of loneliness after divorce. Ring on the index finger talking about seeking a creative nature, most likely a person is lonely and wishes to find the half.
In Western Europe, my dad gave me a silver ring engraved with the family coat of arms is his heir, which he wore on his little finger.

Ring on the little finger of the man's art. However, even in the Middle ages people noticed that encircle the finger of mercury (little finger) was likely secretive, is not clear. And then was made to wear not just rings, and rings, the stone which also tell us much about the owner. So, the warriors hungry for fame and recognition, worn on the little finger ring with agate, those who dreamed of love with Topaz or aquamarine, diamond on the little finger – a symbol of hereditary power, a man who wishes to subjugate all to his will.

... and modernity

In the modern world knowledge is almost lost, the ring has lost its sacred significance, and few are able to correctly interpret the presence of the ring on the little finger.

In youth culture the pinkie ring wearing a bright and extraordinary personality, wishing to curl on themselves, not infrequently, that the Goths or punks. The rings they choose the wide, curve piping, a relief, engraving or chains that are attached to the bracelets.

In a gay environment, it is customary to give a flat ring on the little finger of the "second half", and rings usually buy two, one of which is worn on the chain, and the second on the finger. Similarly do girls lesbi, however, the ring is usually worn on not on the little finger and the thumb. This tradition has deep roots. So, the aristocrats among other gifts to the mistresses of the protruding gave the ring, bored with his wife. Obviously, the sleek handle wife had the fingers thin and the protruding ring has nalazili only on the little finger, hence the symbolism of the forbidden and fickle love.

The ring-ball on the little finger – a sign of belonging in some societies, for example, in Ireland such rings were given to the boys at initiation into the knights, and only those who passed the initiation. Today, this tradition is borrowed occultists and followers of mystical teachings, which are not averse to images of skulls or other marks on the rings-balls.