The value of the ring on your finger

The ring is a symbol of infinity and signifies the eternity of life, eternity of the Universe, the eternity of nature and life. In ancient times, rings were associated with the government, so wearing them was the prerogative of people in positions of authority. Later, the rings became a symbol of the inviolability of marriage. It should be noted that these decorations served as the insignia of certain societies, families, clans: the knights Templar, the masons, the Jesuits, etc.

There is a perception that the rings on the fingers in General mean nothing, so you can wear them and you need as it is convenient, first, to the person. They are often put on the fingers on the basis of compatibility between the brushes of a particular hand. However, some Eastern Nations, palmists, psychologists, representatives of sexual minorities and other community attach great importance to the location of the ring on his hand. In particular, this applies to the rings on the big toes.

The ring on his thumb. The value

It is also useful to wear a ring on his thumb. The Chinese claim that this ring is able to stimulate nerve endings. Curious what their view is shared and palmists, and other exercises. Psychologists also have their own opinions different from the opinions of the Chinese and the chiromantists. They believe that the ring worn on the thumb says about the unusual behavior of his master.

According to psychologists, women or men wearing rings on the big toes, are struggling to attract the attention of other people to the person. Psychologists believe that these people are trying to assert themselves in various ways. What's more, men who wear large rings on the fingers of both hands, try to settle it sexually. Just do not understand why they are so "tell" the public about their intimate problems.

Another meaning of the ring on his thumb – a sign of sexual orientation. Interestingly, this only applies to women. The ring worn on the thumb of the left hand indicates that its owner is currently alone, and the ring worn on the thumb of the right hand, said that her heart is already occupied by a lady. By the way, the vast majority of women wearing these rings fingers, not even aware of such dubious their value.