To dream of gold

If you are a merchant, adventurer or man-trader, guard, be careful when you order, with its capital, possible unpredictable consequences.
If in the dream the gold shines too brightly or too many – this dream urges you to be careful, as in real life, passion can blind, and hopes for happiness will be fake.

Fake gold dream to the attainment of truth, the gold in large quantities to poverty. To dream of gold coins – pure heart, the important things, the innocence of the situation, false hope.

Gold coins are predicting in the dream remuneration for the work done, keep in mind that it may not necessarily be material.

Gold money dream of something bad, especially if the money is old or you raise them from the ground. A large amount of money is bad. Consider gold money or to hide them - unfortunately, you are guilty.

If you dream you are producing gold is prophesies in vain spent time.
A harbinger of fraud or loss is a dream in which the person collecting the gold.

Buying gold is a dream to demonstrate their power and wealth or the lack of trust among friends. To, to take gold in a failed investment may not return the debt, the loss of his purse.

To dream of gold jewelry

If in the dream the woman sees not one, but several gold jewelry is a bad omen. Decoration, having a circular shape, namely, rings, bracelets, chains, a symbol of communication between spouses. If in the dream they are big and heavy, most often they are associated with fetters - in this case the relationship between the spouses a burden on both sides. Broken, torn decoration round shape means the rupture of relations between spouses.

Gold jewelry, rings and rings in a dream – portend honour, prosperity and wealth. A Golden ring in a dream promises prosperity and favorable acquaintance. If you dream you wear a gold ring or rings soon possible meeting with a loved one or wedding. A lot of gold rings on your own hand in a dream foretells the regret for the actions.

Dreamt of gold, might be interpreted and such saying: "all is Not gold that glitters", that is, you might get a false impression about a person.

To dream of a ring for married couples means that you often become a rod of discord in your family. But if you reconcile or wear a ring means you will soon fall in love with you unknown up to the present time.

Obtaining gold ornaments in dreams for women means that the future spouse will be rich, but at the same time very selfish. Gold jewelry, which you hold in hands or take someone for a gift, the promise of rotation of the developing events in your favor.