What dreams of gold jewelry

If you see a lot of gold trinkets, it could mean that in life you will soon be yourself is not the best way. Small shiny ornaments signify the hustle and bustle and everyday worries and party and dalliance.

What dream gold bars

In the dream you suddenly found gold. This dream portends the future wealth. You should pay attention to how the gold came to you. This will help to find the key to the dream. If you are someone has passed, then wait for help from an influential person. When you dream you have to overcome obstacles to, in order to obtain the ingot of gold, then do not expect a quick victory — on your way you'll find obstacles. Gold in a dream can symbolize your cherished dream, to which you go.

To see in sleep how to extract gold

This dream can mean deceit and empty promises, especially if he is dreaming before an important meeting or event. It turns out that your hopes will not come true.

What dream gold coins

If you dream you are holding gold coins, it is a very auspicious sign. It means success and unexpected luck, however, if you failed to keep them and they were scattered, then wait for frustration.

If in the dream, you shed a rain of gold coins, it means useless vanity and large expectations. This dream does not Bode well, unless you start to catch in the air to collect coins from the ground – only then there is hope for a favorable outcome.

To look for gold in a dream

desli you are looking for gold or lost some jewelry, then this dream shows your insecurity in life. Are you aiming to change your existence for the better, but it is necessary to stop and exercise restraint. If you dream you manage to find the lost gold, then soon your life will change for the better. If you are looking for a new job, then wait for the best deals.

To wash gold in a dream

This dream symbolizes your desire to look better in the eyes of others. You feel the condemnation from people close to you and try to rebuild trust.

To give gold in a dream

You will have the chance to show their best side, and you will get a well-deserved award, possible imminent material gain or valuable gift.

Stealing gold in my sleep

You will be able to get what you want, but you will need persistence and perseverance. It is likely that you will have to even pass through the minds in order to achieve your goal, but will you do it or not – you decide.