You will need
  • Calendered calendered nylon or Dacron
  • Parachute straps or grosgrain ribbon
  • Rubber adhesive
  • Nylon yarn
  • Cotton thread for basting
  • Needles
  • Sewing machine
  • A plastic bottle with a "waist"
  • Scissors
Calculate the amount of fabric. In which direction to cut calendered fabric — all is equal, so consider the area of the awning. As a rule, the width of this fabric ranges from 140 to 150 cm, so the community tent 6x6 will need 24 m of such tissue. Generally the wider the fabric, the better, since less seams. Mark the fabric into rectangles with a length of 6 m, plus a small allowance for the hem on the short side. On the long side you have the edge that the trim is not necessary.
The cloth, which will be located at the edges, fold 2 times by 0.7-1 cm, Sametime and astrocyte. Ensure that the seams turned out to be symmetrical.
In the middle you'd have two banners. Lay them side by side, face up and so that aligned slices of the future of the middle seam. Find the center of these slices and burn. Cut the bottle at the "waist". Put it in the middle of the seam and drag to make a smooth semi-circles on each panel. Burn of the semicircle, digressing a little from the intended line the inside of the ring.
Take a break from the same fabric or of a more dense ring with a width of 6-10 cm, an inner diameter slightly less than the "waist" of the bottle. This ring need in order to close the seam that you will sew the bottle to the middle of the tent. To size adjust ring, making 2 longitudinal section so that the stock is a tight fit in the bottle. The bottle is in turn needed to insert the end of the bar, through which you will pull the awning over the fire.
Sweeps and sostrochite between the Central of the cloth, leaving unsewn the middle (about 2 cm holes and the same after). Vsheyte the bottle in the hole. This is best done manually, in any seam. The main thing that the bottle was sitting firmly and does not fall. Top glue the fixing ring to get it fully closed seam. .
Pristrochite to the Central part side of the cloth. You can turn up the awning on the perimeter, but because the two sides you have the edge and with the other two — annealed fabric, you can not do this, the tent to collapse on a thread will not. Hemmed but the product looks neater. Hemming him, bent double by 0.7-1 cm.
Make a loop for stretch marks. Cut 4 pieces of webbing at 40 cm each, fold them in half and Topstitch on the tent bottom. If you wish, you can do 1 loop in the center. Glue the seams with a rubber adhesive to the holes where the needles are not leaking water. .