You will need
  • - a large sheet of paper;
  • - the tape;
  • - the range;
  • pencil;
  • - a pair of scissors.
To build the pattern tunic, properly remove the measurements. You will need to measure with a tape measure on the desired length and width of the product and the circumference of the hips.
Aside from the left straight down corner measure the length and the same measure multiplied by two. Through these points draw two lines parallel to the upper edge of the pattern.
From the top of the straight angle on the left put the right measure of the width of the product. Spend a perpendicular line through this point.
Determine the middle point of the resulting rectangle. She put off 9.5 centimeters in each direction, 2 inches in the rear and 21 inch in the direction of the front. Connect the dots smooth line. Thus, you get the line of the neck.
From the mid point of the rectangle set aside to both sides of the equal measure of the circumference of the hips plus 10 inches, divided by 4. Spend a perpendicular line.
From the middle of the rectangle (shoulders) aside of the front and back the desired width of the sleeve. Pattern-based tunics ready. It can be done directly on the fabric. But if you are going to sew a few things, make some on paper. Thus, it will be easier to model the product, and to use this pattern you will be able many times.
Neck tunic can also be round, square, V-neck. The sides leave a small incisions in the freedom step. For tunic of thick fabric, which is going to wear in the cold season you can carve out the sleeve. The pattern for him will be a rectangle whose length is equal to the desired sleeve length and width - the size of the openings.
After you build the final pattern, lay it on the wrong side of the fabric, which should be spread in a single layer. Draw a circle around the remnant or tailor's chalk, cut out detail and start sewing.