To go to the link for a specific portal on the Internet, you must know the address. It is entered in the browser. This is special software that allows users to navigate through the pages of the sites. In real time you can see all the information. Open any of the available browsers. If you don't, boot with the installation disk or from the Internet any program for Internet surfing.
Install to the hard disk of one of programs-browsers: Opera, Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explorer. Try to install in a system local drive of a personal computer. On the desktop the shortcut appears, which allows you to run the program. To do this, click on it with the left mouse button two times.
In the address bar, type the name of the website, the link which you need to go. The address looks something like this – "". In some cases, the browser automatically assigns a "http". However, you do not need to enter this combination, as it does not play a significant role. If you don't know the address of the website, you can use a special search services.
To do this in the address bar type or This is one of the most popular search engines on the Internet. Next, enter the search query. For example, "website music" or "latest technology". The system will automatically give you the results. Follow the links to view information. If you can not find what you are looking for, you can go to another address. To have the browser remember the address of the website, click the "add to bookmarks" and press Enter.
If your e-mail came a letter and it contained a link to a website, then it is also possible to proceed. To do this, highlight it and copy it into the address bar of the browser. You can also click the left mouse button on the selected link text, and the system automatically redirects you to the site. Similarly is the case with links in text documents, e.g., documents created in MS Word. To go for such, you can copy the link text and paste it into your browser's address bar or click on the link on the left mouse button while holding the Ctrl button on the keyboard.