You will need
  • centimeter;
  • paper;
  • - the range;
  • - pencil;
  • - a pair of scissors.
Before you sit behind a sewing machine, you need to make the pattern of the pants to the child. The algorithm for generating the patterns is the same as when cutting out the pants for an adult. So start with taking measurements.
Measure child's waist circumference at the umbilicus, hip circumference, on the side measure the distance from the waist to the middle of the kneecaps. Determine the length of the pants and width of the leg at the bottom of the garment. For preschoolers may need additional measurement – the circumference of chest.
Build a basic grid pattern pants child. On the grid will repel the waistline, thighs, knees and bottom. Determine the line height, which is equal to the poluobhvat hips plus 1-2 cm depending on the age of the child.
On the basis of the base mesh build the pattern of the front halves of trousers. At the waist lay tuck. Waist line a little lower on the right, make the left higher. Draw the front part of the pattern of the pants, bottom line she is 4 cm less than back.
Draw the middle line of trousers. To do this, draw a bisector of angle from the waist line to the line height of the seat. Note on the bisector of a point, draw through it the curve of the line connecting the waist and the outermost point on the line height of the seat.
Similarly, the front make the pattern the back of the pants. Lay less deep tuck. Draw the middle line of trousers, repeating the operations described in the previous paragraph. Draw a smooth lateral line of the leg pattern, make the bottom line.
Make a pattern of pockets and belt. After you have done the pattern pants baby, check the correctness of all values. To do this, cut out patterns, connect them together and measure critical dimensions. If necessary, adjust the pattern of the pants size.
If the process of creating the pattern pants child seems time consuming, use a commercial pattern from a magazine on sewing. In addition to the patterns in the magazine you'll find detailed instructions for sewing pants that will help to avoid possible errors.