"The Requirements for raw materials specify raw material, semifinished products and foodstuffs used in preparing meals. To them must be accompanied by supporting documents, which confirm their safety and quality.
In the "Recipe" in the form of a table, specify the names of all the products included in the meals, as well as gross weight in kilograms of each individual product. Specify the percentage of waste in the cold waste, and also a lot of semi-finished products and the loss ratio during hot processing of each product. Also specify the weight of each product in finished form. Separately state the mass of prefabricated and weight of the finished product for 10 servings.
In paragraph "production process" describe the process of preparation: defrosting, washing, cleaning, and cutting. Specify the sequence of addition of ingredients, their mixing. Describe the method of cooking: roasting, baking, cooking. Specify the temperature and time of heat treatment.

In the paragraph "requirements for the design, implementation and storage specify the time after cooking before serving to the table, that is the time of storage to the sale and temperature while serving. Specify the total shelf life of the meals in hours and temperature of storage.
"Quality and security" describe the indicators of the quality of food appearance, colour, taste and smell.
In "Nutritional value," enter the amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, and also calorie one dish.

Following is the originator of the routing and accountant.