According to GOST, in addition to the introductory part of the technical conditions should contain some mandatory sections. Regardless of the type of product, they should be reflected in technical requirements for product safety requirements for work with him in its manufacture, the environmental requirements. In the full range of requirements should include sections that describe the rules of acceptance, control methods, conditions of transportation and storage, operation instructions of products and the warranty that the manufacturer provides it.
In the section "Technical requirements" specify the standards which must be made in the product assortment, the dimensions, mass, limit deviations and other technical specifications. In this section describe the requirements for appearance, mechanical properties and other parameters of the product that characterize its quality.
Specify requirements for the product, elements of its design safety requirements. Give a list of normative documentation establishing the requirements. Describe the conditionsunder which should be ensured, install the degree of security. Specify age restrictions on persons allowed to operate the unit, if any, frequency of safety training.
List the requirements for ensuring environmental protection when operating this product. Under the law, the products must not release into the environment of toxic substances and has no adverse effects on the human body by direct contact.
Describe the rules of acceptance and methods of control of products, the frequency with which it is necessary to control its efficiency, accuracy deviations.
List the conditions of transportation and storage of products, ways of packing and packaging material, the list of documents enclosed into the package. Specify, if necessary, retention.
In the section "operating Instructions" reflect the demands for products and basic provisions for their maintenance (maintenance, repair, storage); give recommendations on the rational use of the products. Specify the conditionsunder which you should operate the product and warn the user about those of them, which can lead to breakage and destruction.
Specify the warranty period of the product, describe the procedure for replacement or return of products in case of its premature failure.