Convenient for you to open a text editor and at the top of the page (in the center) placed a letterhead, preferably in its color design. Slightly lower in the center aligning print the phrase "Account card" or "Card organization".
Next, specify the full and abbreviated name of the organization, its legal, actual and postal addresses (if they all match, then combine them under the phrase "location address").
Then made information about the INN, the CAT and the bin company, and its Bank account in a certain Bank. After that, add information about the main OKVED code and organization of enterprise and other codes (e.g., OKOPF, code of the Issuer to FFMS, etc.)
Finish filling out the card showing on their contact phones, Fax number, and name of the head of the company, and the chief accountant, who must sign the document and seal it a legal entity.