To make the lesson plan is not so difficult. It is important to know its main components. Over time, the writing planand will not take you so much time as in the beginning. But first it is worth noting that it must be associated with the calendar-thematic planRovaniemi approved for methodological Association of subject teachers.
Record the number of the lesson, the subject and the date. Be sure to note the purpose and objectives. Tasks may be several. You put them to achieve the stated goals. They should be educational, developing and educational. Then you need to specify the type of lesson. For example: lesson-journey, learning new material, integrated lesson, etc.
It should also be noted learning tools that teacher uses in the classroom (interactive whiteboard, cards with a graded assignment, etc.).
Next is a paragraph "lesson". It need detailed, step by step to describe the actions of the students and the teacher. You can start with checking homework or spelling workout (if that's the lesson of the Russian language), math (if math lesson). Then may follow an explanation of a new material (this depends on the type of the lesson, or the teacher can give priority the job children (if the lesson is based on the principles of developing training). Moreover, it is recommended that even forplanirawati, what kind of guys are you going to ask who and what assignment to give. The next item is the consolidation of the material studied (the use of a textbook or cards, or boards). It also records the teacher's questions and expected student responses.
Don't forget about visiotech. To reflect that in the plani.e. at the end of compulsory lesson reflection, that is, the guys share their impressions of the lesson, talk about what they had, and what else to work on.
At the end of the lesson must be repeated exactly what I was doing, learned that remember. Necessarily reflect the answers (implicit) students in planE. in the end children should be given homework. If it is on the choice of students or different level of complexity, also mark this. Do not forget to specify the books which you have used for the compilation of the lesson.