You will need
  • A collection of recipes of dishes and culinary products for kindergarten
  • Computer
  • Software for drawing process maps
Select Breakfast dishes from the relevant section of the Collection of recipes. Taking into account the physiological needs of the child, Breakfast may consist of cereal, scrambled eggs, cheese, cottage cheese or vegetable casseroles. From drinks, you can choose the tea with sugar, coffee with milk or cocoa. It is important that the protein and carbohydrate breakfasts alternated, and the dishes were not repeated during the week.
Match menu dinner based on four courses. In many kindergartens ignore the salads, but nutritionists believe this is a flagrant violation. Children's lunch should start with 50-70 grams of salad from fresh vegetables, no matter what the season produced food. Better fill the salads with vegetable oil, not cream. The mayonnaise and soy sauce in baby food should be excluded.
Plan the menu at least 5 soups. Better - twice more, and if they are repeated at intervals of two weeks (including a 5-day kindergarten). You have to include fresh soup, soup, soup, vegetable soups and soups. Avoid pickle, Thistle, and others with salty or spicy ingredients. Also, do not include in the menu of the kindergarten soups, cooked in mushroom broth base (mushrooms in General it is better to exclude).
Enter at least 10 combinations of dishes. Meat is better to give children small pieces (stew) or chopped (meatballs, zrazy). It is advisable to avoid such methods of thermal processing like frying, preferring stewing and baking. Poultry must choose lean, combining it with vegetable puree. Meat is also allowed cereals – rice and buckwheat. The fish is garnished mashed potatoes. As a second course allowed casseroles. From drinks, juices, jellies, compotes.
Develop a menu of afternoon tea. Meals should be small and not very nutritious. The ideal option can serve baked fruits – apples, pears. If lunch was a vegetable side dish for brunch, you can choose rice pudding with sweet sauce of dried fruits. Popular and products of cottage cheese – just make sure that on this day they were not offered for Breakfast.