Schedule production work necessary to make regardless of the performed works – be it scientific timeworkka or, especially, construction or production of works. Determine the composition of the works and calculate time required to complete each type of work taking into account the approved standards or standardized documents, construction or other regulations.
Calculate the period of performance the total volume of work given and deadlines of each type of works and their sequence given the existing technologies and methods which you intend to use in production. Keep in mind the possibility of combining several types of work in one calendar period.
For each stage, determine the necessary manpower, their qualification, the composition of the brigades and units, a graph of their works. Calculate materials required to perform works of equipment the leading mechanisms. Calculate delivery schedule of materials and components in accordance with the schedule of production of works. If there are routings on certain processes, make reference to local conditions, to accurately determine the time. Your main task – to provide uninterrupted work. Only in this case planning has a practical meaning.
Determine the start and end date of the object, break it into phases and set the expiration time for each. For ease of monitoring and possible operational adjustments that may be required during execution of works project use simplified methods of planning and plan schedules on each stage. They can be in several variants to changing external conditions or the occurrence of force majeure circumstances you were willing to use a different backup plan and not waste time on it onceworksku.