Advice 1: How to calculate the cost of meals

Any dish in eating places has its value. The same salad at different restaurants may cost differently. Why does it depend? How to calculate the cost of meals? And what parameters to consider when menu planning?
To calculate the cost of food can each
You will need
  • calculator
  • the exact recipe
  • data on consumption expenditures enterprise
  • staffing of the restaurant
Calculate yourselfthe cost of the products included in the meals. The formula for the cost is simple: the gross weight of the ingredients used multiplied by the cost of these products per kilogram. For example, when preparing vegetable salad you will need 2 tomatoes and 2 cucumbers. The weight of the tomatoes will be 300 grams, and is a kilogram of these vegetables 90 rubles. 2 cucumbers will come to 350 grams and the price of a kilogram of this product is 120 rubles. Thus, imaginethe cost of products for salad is equal to:
0,30*90 +0,35*120 = 69 rubles.
Fold <strong>price</strong> used ingredients
.Calculate labor costs and other expenses of restaurant, including the cost of energy and transportation costs. In order to calculate these costs based on the unit of production it is necessary to have a clear idea about the performance of the restaurant. For example, the restaurant sells more than 1,000 meals a month. During this same time period, it consumes electricity to 5,000 rubles. Thus, costs per unit of output will be 5 rubles. A similar method calculates all the costs of the restaurant. As for labor costs, here is calculated the cost of time cook spent on preparing meals. For example, in preparation of the salad took 30 minutes, and the wage of the cook is 20,000 rubles a month, while he works 20 days at 8 hours a day.Thus, we find that the cost of one hour of work will be 125 rubles per hour. Accordingly, the thirty-minute work will be worth the 62.5 R.
Don't forget to include the <strong>price</strong> work chef
Calculate VAT or sales margin. VAT is now equal to 10% or 18% depending on the form of ownership. VAT on food plants is calculated on the basis of cost of production. In this case, the cost price of the salad.
A separate article is taxes
Add up all the costs.Here it is necessary to calculate the sum of the numbers obtained in the first three paragraphs. As a result of these actions will received myselfthe cost of specific meals.
Fold of the amount received
Today there are programs that will allow you to quickly and correctly perform all necessary calculations. The process of calculating the cost of meals is fixed and arranged in the form of documents.
Useful advice
Calculation of cost of each specific food is time – consuming and laborious process. Do they, as a rule, manually. Calculate the merchandisers, accountant or other professionals, depending on the staff of the restaurant.

Advice 2 : How to calculate the cost of electricity

To calculate the cost of electricity consumed per month, should the owner of a house or apartment, starting from the counter. For someone who makes this calculation regularly, this procedure any difficulties does not cause, but producing estimates for the first time, you may encounter these or other difficulties.
How to calculate the cost of electricity
You will need
  • receipt of payment for the supply of electricity;
  • -the current meter readings ("end index");
  • counter value at the time of payment of electricity last month ("initial index");
  • -the size of the tariff on your electricity bill this month.
Locate the meter, which is not always in the open, and sometimes placed in a special vandal-proof Cabinet or box. If the door of the Cabinet is transparent, then open it and it is enough to see the dial of the counter and to rewrite all the numbers, not forgetting to separate the last one from the rest of the numbers with a comma. This number is the final figure, which will need to enter the receipt of payment supply your home with electricity.
Take the receipt for payment and find it in column "initial level," "ending index" and "flow". The final figure you found out, removing the current counts from the counter - enter its value in the appropriate box, rounding to the nearest integer (the first five numbers before the comma). Then complete the column "initial index" is the counter reading, which was recorded at the time of previous payment a month ago, it should be listed in the same receipt.
Subtract the final figure from the start, thereby obtaining the number consumed per month kilowatt, and enter the value in the column "flow". Now you know the tariff for your electricity bill this month - the rate is specified in the payment receipt. Multiply the flow rate (the amount of consumed kilowatt) rate (price per kilowatt) and get the amount in a given month you have to pay for electricity or for "light", as they say in the nation.
Be careful opening the door, vandal-resistant Cabinet that is placed in the counter, and closer to the device next to it might be the fuse box is under high voltage!
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