On the Internet you can find a lot of programs that calculate costing of dishes for catering enterprises. However, automated analysis is not always convenient. For example, in the case when you need to demonstrate the costing of the meals for the cafe management for signature and approval. To do this, complete the calculation card (form OP-1), which also can be easily download online.
Fill out the information card is not difficult, if you have already tested the recipe, you know the norms of raw materials consumption and actual purchase price of the products. However, when you need to calculate the costing of dishes on the new menu, will have to act differently. You will need to collect the following information:

• List of products used;

• Consumption of each product per 100 portions (actually you can do far fewer test portions, but here and further we will proceed based on 100 pieces);

• The price at which a purchase is made of each product.
When information is on hand, make a table in which you specify the list of all products of norms of consumption of 100 foods and their price. For this it is convenient to use Excel spreadsheets, the more that I need to calculate the cost of 1 serving, multiplying the rate of each product at the price and dividing the resulting number by 100.
Getting the cost, you can calculate the costing of dishes, adding a mark-up. Thus, you will receive the sale price of one dish. The calculation appears in the calculation card.