You will need
  • Collection of regulations on repair of the equipment.
Start to make a schedule. Draw by hand or in Excel table of the twenty-four columns. The number of rows depends on how many pieces of equipment you need to bring to your table.
Find information on how often the norms of the legislation need to conduct preventive repair of the equipment of the type used in your organization. For this there are special collections of standards for types of equipment. They can be purchased in bookstores in the departments of literature or available in the library. But it must be borne in mind that the standards should be relevant, so choose the new collection.
Start to fill the created table. In the first column write the name of equipment modification and the manufacturer. Next, specify the inventory number given to this technique in your enterprise. In graphs with third through fifth contains information about how can work for one or another technical device between scheduled repairs. Take this information from the reference standards.
Sixth through tenth paragraph provides information about when were the last repairs of the equipment. Specified as routine checks and troubleshoot unexpected problems.

Further, the paragraphs from the eleventh through the twenty-second designated months of the coming year. In each of them you should check whether planned or major repair of a particular instrument during this period. To check out these standards for the repair of the equipment and make a conclusion about when it is best to conduct a maintenance check of a machine.
In the twenty-third column you need to record the annual term of machine repair. To do this, add up all the days that rely on a repair of this type equipment according to the regulations, and indicate in the table the resulting figure.

In the latter, the twenty-fourth paragraph, enter the total time that should work out machine within a year. To do this, add up all hours during which the work will be camera of the year, and subtract from them the time allotted for the repair.