Routing for products of public catering shall be made on the basis of collections of recipes. They provide the content and standards are laying the raw materials are specified norms of output of semi-finished and finished dishes, the technology of their production, including taking into account the norms of the time. Requirements to the contents and design of technological maps on products of public catering set by National standard of Russia GOST R 50763-2007 "catering Services. Products of public catering, realized to the population. General technical conditions".
In the routing for such products specify the list of products included in the meal, indicating their amount in grams. This is necessary in order to calculate the total number of products required for the manufacture of some of the estimated number of servings. In addition, this formulation will be taken into account in the calculation on the specified dish. If there are unique requirements to the quality of the ingredients, they should also indicate in the routing.
Shall describe the manufacturing process step-by-step format. Specify the amount of time required to complete each step and the total amount of time required to prepare this dish.
Specify the weight of the portions and the requirements for its design. If the products are intended for long-term storage, enter in the routing necessary for the implementation, terms and conditions of its storage. In this case, it is necessary to specify indicators of quality and safety of ready meals.
In the routing, specify the nutritional value of ready meals. It has been make according to the recipe and the total nutritional value of all ingredients.