Charge to make the menu-layout chef in your group. Because each member of the team that is going camping should be their duties. There is a head, is responsible for the equipment, the technician, the doctor. If you tell people "Take something to your taste", then surely you will be found of salt, but it will be five kilos of pasta. Drafting the layout the menu is not such a difficult task, but in use it is extremely comfortable.
Keep in mind that the menu layout consists of two separate documents, one from the other. Menus in varying degrees, familiar to all, include the name of the dish and its ingredients. Create a menu in the form of the most ordinary table.
Before doing this lay out a plan of your hike. Understand how much will rise, will you have time to order lunch or only have limited snack, what mileage have to overcome during the day, whether there will be a group without water.
Create a spreadsheet in Excel. Enter the names of the columns: "Day hike", "the name of the dish", "Products", "notes". In the first column in each row, specify the day of the trip, day and month. So you will be easier to navigate in the planning menu layout.
Split column "the Dish" on three lines in each day of trekking – Breakfast, lunch/snack, dinner. To brighten up the home, menu and campaign funny names for dishes, like "Oatmeal, sir", "Happy camper", "camping stuff".
Complete the column "Products". Here it is necessary to carefully consider all components of meals is based on a certain number of people. Specify in the "note" features any time cooking" dishes. Next you will start creating your layout. It is better to make a list on a separate sheet. Count the number of each product in this list. Take a pound and a half more sugar than we did in the layout, add a hundred grams of cereals.
After drawing up the layout for a hike distribute products to participants, who, and how many products carry. Print the document in three copies. This document requires unquestioning execution. Give for cooking only the amount of food that listed on the menu, or you can stay hungry halfway.