To be skillful, able to make a real culinary masterpiece, not everyone can. A big role in this is, of course, a professional education, that is, to cook you need to carefully study and learn all the basics of this case.

Colleges, secondary schools, trade schools is all the list of schools where you can acquire the profession of a cook. As a rule, it does not require higher education, however, graduating from high school on the technology of public catering, one gets mostly the profession of a technologist, which is much wider and mnogoprofilnaya.
Also, you can take courses chefs, this will save time and enable to acquire a profession. There are also refresher courses for experienced cooks.
Moscow technological College of nutrition offers to the profession of the cook. This is quite a prestigious educational institution established in the state educational structure. The College provides its students with many additional opportunities in the form of internships and professional specialization.
Chelyabinsk state College of food industry and trade - the unique educational institution in the Urals. Here like to say that not prepared masters, and artists. The program is very rich and contains the basics of knowledge in the field of engineering and technology, food industry. The College has excellent specific training, assists its graduates in finding employment.
In St. Petersburg, you can take courses chefs in the Culinary school No. 1. Training is available for everyone. The process of education will really bring the pleasure, thanks to the excellent teachers and informal form of lessons.
Novosibirsk technological technical school of food – educational institution that produces a really sought-after professionals. The graduates of this College 75% employed. The College provides for the distribution to students of different benefits and guarantees in addition, training can be obtained at the expense of the regional budget.