If a game is started from the shortcut placed on your desktop, then right-click and select "Properties" in the popup context menu. On the Shortcut tab in the window that opens as a result of this action, click the "Object". Then press End to move the cursor to the end of the line, type a space and type the desired key (-debug). After that, click "OK" to save the shortcut with the changes and launch the game the usual way - by double-clicking on this icon.
Open the main menu on the "start" button and select "Execute" - this will open the standard window programs. This action corresponds to pressing hotkeys Win+R - you can use it. Then type in the window the full path to the executable program file. Typing it manually is not necessary, you can click "Browse" and find the game's executable file on your computer system. Then add the space-separated key -debug, and then click "OK". When you next start using this dialog to re-gain path and the key is not necessary - the input string will be saved in the drop-down list where you can select it.
Create a text file in any folder of your computer. You can do this on the desktop - click background image, right-click, POPs up the context menu, expand "new" and select "Text document". Enter the first line of the document, the full path to the executable game file - you can copy it to the program shortcut or in the Windows Explorer address bar. Add space-separated key -debug and save the document with a. bat extension. To run the game it is necessary to double click this file.