Will receive a certificate or diploma of the private security guard after successful completion of the internal exam. Pass a qualifying exam to obtain a certificate of qualification corresponding category.
Contact a district office of the interior Ministry in charge of licensing activities. Get all the necessary information on the collection of required documents from the employee in the same Department.
Pass the medical Commission of four experts who will give an opinion on your fitness to work in private security. Save the reference with the medical staff. Get help with the appropriate body of no criminal record. Make a photocopy of your passport and all the other collected documents.
Provide to the Department of the interior Ministry in charge of licensing activities, the full package of documents: passport copy, proof of residence, proof of no criminal record, medical certificate with an opinion on your fitness for work, diploma courses and certificate qualifications.
Pay the required state fees, if any. Wait for a certain time of receiving the certificate of the private security guard.