You will need
  • - civil contract for the provision of services;
  • - employment contract;
  • - employment history;
  • - the statement;
  • - the passport.
In accordance with the law №2487-1 "On private detective and security activity in the Russian Federation" you can take guard only from a specially established company, if you do not have own security service of the enterprise, which has passed the whole procedure of the institutions established by law.
The employment contract and the hiring of security guard carries out established enterprise. You are required to sign with this organization a civil contract for the provision of services. Payment for services is made by agreement, the entire amount you will be transferred to the account of the specified enterprise. Wage officers will receive at the place of work.
A specialized company is hiring licensed security guards have a permit. With employees conclude a labour contract indicating the schedule of work, terms of stay and wages.
When working on your enterprise security guard is subject to the rules and regulations and is solely responsible for the entrusted scope of work.
If you are planning to create a separate division of their own security services to provide security services to third parties you have no right. The security service your company will work exclusively in the interests of safety of the founder, which will be your organization.
Hiring security guards you will produce in accordance with the General rules. The applicant is obliged to present a certificate of employment a certificate that allows you to perform security activities, to write a statement.
Make the employment contract, place an order, familiarize the employee with the scope of functions.
When hiring employees who will perform the duties of the guard, a special licence is not required. It is enough to conclude to a workbook the statement and issue a contract of employment.