You will need
  • mirror, lamp, car magnet, the device
First and foremost when buying a used car pay attention to the body. There should not be traces of fresh paint and welding and "swollen" parts. The gaps between parts should be at equal distance from both sides. Door clearances can be checked as follows - open the door and wiggle. If you feel that she "wears" easily, so the door was removed. On the inner side clearances can be inspected using a mirror and flashlight.
You need to inspect the car in daylight hours. So you can see the differences in color details. The place for inspection should not be too Sunny. Optimal partial shade, because the glare from the sun can brighten up the differences.
If you have a special device which measures the thickness of paint, be sure to bring it with you. All parts of the car, the coating thickness should be about the same. Slight variations - perhaps under a layer of paint applied putty. There is no such device, no problem. Take a simple magnet. On the layer of putty it will be poorly kept.
Be sure to look under the wheel arches, if the dampers are oil stains, then soon it will have to change. It's not cheap.
Another way to check mounts is to click on each of the four corners of the car. The machine should smoothly swing and stop. If this is the "swing" continues, it means that the dampers are not in order.
It is impossible to ignore and the "inside" of the car. Look under the hood. The engine should be clean and dry, and when his work is in any case should not be white smoke from the exhaust pipe.
Pay special attention to the pipe leading to the air filter. It needs to be clean. If it is in oil - the engine is badly worn out.
And finally, you need to drive in a straight line a few meters below of the wheels left traces. It needs to go on a single line. If the trail splits, then there are problems with wheelbase.