You will need
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - VIN-code car;
  • - the body number or chassis.
Each car has a unique VIN-code (VIN-code). It is possible to learn the history of the car, number of owners and other important information.
Today there are lots of services that represent an opportunity to check VIN code. Most of them are providing information services on a fee basis. But there are those services where all the information is free. The most authoritative and reliable resource is the official website of the traffic police.
For free check VIN-code, go to In the presented form, you must enter the VIN-code, verification code, and then the green button "Check constraints". If the VIN-code is missing or unknown, you can enter the VIN or chassis.
After processing the request the user will be given information about whether a car is wanted, and not whether in respect of a judicial proceedings, the investigative and customs authorities, bodies of social protection. For many motorists this information will be enough to make a decision about buying a car.
It is worth considering that the information on the machines pledged as collateral by the online service of the traffic police is currently not available. In order to know whether a car mortgage, you need to apply personally at the traffic police.
Another service that allows free run that VIN code of the car is the portal "Autocode". While it works in test mode and provides information about the vehicles registered on the territory of Moscow and Moscow region.
For information about the car from the Autocode need to be registered on the portal of public Services. After logging on to the portal you must enter the number of the certificate on car registration and VIN-code.
The advantage of this service is that it provides a wider range of information on the car. In particular, using the Autocode is possible to know the number of owners (these data are provided in an impersonal form), as well as data on accidents, in which got the car. In the future it is expected to make to the base data on the nature of the damage base of insurance companies.