You will need
  • certificate of registration of the vehicle;
  • - computer with Internet access.
Check the purchased car for the following issues: not listed if it was reported stolen, whether paid for her credit in any accidents, she participated, and some others. To make it possible to know VIN of the car. His analysis will show the "legal purity" of the vehicle. VIN code you can find vehicle documents - passport technical means or certificate of registration of the vehicle (is a unique number that identifies the vehicle among others, is a combination of letters and numbers). Upon inspection of the machine you can find this code under the hood, on the driver's door from the inside and on the windshield. Remember or write down the VIN number before buying a car.
Turn on the computer and connect to the Internet. Go to the website The portal provides the ability to check any used car absolutely free. Go to the inspection (, check the checkboxes under the input line of code near the label "test Deposit" and "decoding". To get details about these functions, hover over each of them, and you will receive a full and accessible explanation.
Click on "Verify" and wait for the result, which will appear pretty quickly. To expand the received information by clicking on the "Full report". This service must be paid for and provided only after registering on the site (its value does not exceed one hundred rubles).
If access to the Internet you have no, then do the following: rewrite the license plate, VIN code, engine number and body and contact the nearest police post or branch of the traffic police with the request to check the car database. By law this service you must provide free of charge, but in Russian conditions, you may have to pay a certain amount. The inspector enters data into the computer and will give you complete information about the cleanliness of the car. A good idea is when you call show on itself and the car.
To verify the authenticity of the rooms and make sure they are not killed, you can when you call in the expert-criminalistic Department of management at the police Department. It is a paid service, the results of which issued a report confirming the results of its implementation.
If you don't have the time and desire to do a check of the car before purchasing it, you can always entrust it to professionals of private firms that will do this for you. Of course, you will have to pay a few thousand rubles (the price varies depending on the city, the car model and other factors). But in this case you can be a hundred percent sure of the result of the study.