Advice 1: How to verify auction sheet

Auction cars in Japan are accompanied by a special table showing the characteristics of the vehicle, its equipment and the existing damage to the exterior and interior. A document with such a table is called auction sheet. It is made by professional appraisers before the auction.
How to verify auction sheet
The car is offered for auction, is carefully inspected by specialists of the auction. They point upgrades, additional equipment, inspection. The main thing that interests a potential buyer is not only technical characteristics, but also the assessment of its overall condition. For this assessment, there are letter and number designations are similar for many auctions.
Almost the perfect car indicated by the letter S. the Letter a or R means that the car has been in minor accidents. The combination of RA shows interference in the supporting structures after a serious accident or modernization model.
Digital signage gives the engine characteristic and appearance of the body. The highest figure 6 is the perfect engine condition, low mileage and age. 5 - good engine, hardly noticeable external defects. If the car has small scratches or rust spots, it - 4, 5 . The car "aged", but in good condition has a score of "4". Here visible defects more than the rating of 4-5, and the interior does not Shine. "3,5" show run much larger than "4", repair or replacement of various parts. Body requires painting, interior unimportant. Also have a cars with a rating of "3"
Cars requiring total renovation indicated by the digit "2". With a rating of "1" car has severe rust was in the water or has replacement parts for non-standard parts. 0 means that the vehicle is sold for parts.
The description is not always possible to determine the extent of the damage, as the Japanese language has no plural. For example, a hole blown cigarette may not be the only, and a rust spot that involves a rusty bottom. Finding, for example, a scratch on the table of the auction sheet, you need to look for is damage on the car. Thus, indictors auction sheet can be checked by careful inspection. You can trust this experienced specialist.
With regard to the authenticity of the auction sheets, the special protective qualities they have.

Advice 2: How to find the auction sheet by the body

The auction sheet for the number of car body find quite difficult. When searching for information it is important to use as many of the sites according to the statistics of the cars. Before buying mandatory check VIN code.
How to find the auction sheet by the body
You will need
  • - access to the Internet.
Make sure that the vehicle passed through the auction. Open the website containing the statistics of the auctions, for example, The more sites you use to search for, the more opportunity to find the auction sheet because their statistics are based on search appearance, search results for VIN usually available. Finding the right position in the list of one of the sites, copy its ID and find out he who values the necessary information for purchase.
Carefully review the identifier of the vehicle, it is assigned to each of them at release since the 80-ies. Usually it contains 17 characters, including numbers and letters of the Latin alphabet. The first three of them contain information of the global index manufacturer. The first character is country of issue, the second manufacturer, the third – type of a vehicle, e.g. truck or car and so on.
Note the symbols from the fourth and eighth, they are one of the key for decrypting the VIN code of the car showing its main technical characteristics, such as, for example, body type, engine, series, model, and so on. The ninth character is a check digit that determines the correctness of the ID. If it is wrong, it most likely suggests that the car was stolen, and some of the digits of the code were broken.
Pay special attention to the tenth character of the VIN ID if you need to know the year of the car. The letter "a" indicates a 1980 production year, "M" is 1991, figure 4 – 2004 (the exception is only Ford cars). The eleventh article of the code contains information about the factory. The characters of twelfth to seventeenth usually contain information about the sequence of passage of the vehicle by the container manufacturer. This is the body number.
Useful advice
Use the services of websites for decoding the information code of the vehicle.
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