You will need
  • - a magnet wrapped in a rag.
Check machine for defects and dents. Sit down near one of the headlights of the car and carefully inspect the Board, then inspect the other side. Under the viewing angle of such a provision, the deficiencies in the geometry of the car will be seen better. After that check the roof and hood.
To places that cause you distrust, attach a magnet wrapped in a thin cloth. If the magnet doesn't hold, in this place, most likely, a thick layer of putty. Check for putty, you can also knock on this place with his knuckles.
Inspect all the joints of the machine. The standard joint shall be of uniform width throughout its length. Ask the owner to remove stickers and labels to check under them defects. Check the opening and closing of doors. If the doors are closing make different sound, it may be the result of problems with the geometry of the body.
Inspect the rubber and plastic body parts. If you find a paint color different from the color of the car, so it was repainted. In addition, monitor the color match between the individual elements of the body.
Touch the attachment bumper and spars under the hood. Discovered in these places, chipped paint and metal of education will attest to the fact that the car "pulled". On the bolts of the wings, showing signs of loosening. Lift the Mat and make sure you have the factory welds.
Please note the year of manufacture of the glass, specified on the special stamp. Different glass in the car increase the likelihood of his involvement in the accident.