You will need
  • In order to test the machine, you need to:
  • -PTS;
  • -the documents certifying the identity of the owner;
  • is the owner himself.
With the rapid growth of car credits due to the increase in fraudulent activity. Particularly unscrupulous people sell cars, borrowed and loaned by the Bank, as the loan is not repaid. And after a while come to the buyer representatives of the Bank and require repayment. Often the new owner of such a visit is a very unpleasant surprise. It is therefore necessary to carefully before you purchase to check the credit machine or not. To a sure indication that the car is pledged are the price, the documents and the behavior of sellers. Cheerleaders in the first place, should what the price of the machine will be 10-15% below average market value of similar cars. Besides the mileage it will be minimal. And in the title you can search indicate that it is re-issued. If the machine is still "young" so it's literally 1-2 years, then a duplicate should be alerted. And this is due to the fact that the Bank takes possession of the original title until the final repayment of the debt. And the fraudsters have no choice how to write the application in traffic police about the loss of this document and obtaining a duplicate.
How to check credit car or not
In addition, you need to look at the configuration of the car. Usually there will be only what is set at the factory when picking a car. That usually put "me" b/a loan machine most likely will not.
How to check credit car or not
Another way to find out is not in the pledge is the vehicle via the Central catalogue of credit histories. In order to obtain the information you need to know the passport data of the owner of the car. Very detailed information you receive, but you will learn something that interests you. Namely, whether hanging on this person a loan, the collateral of which is a sold car. To obtain this information for free once a year.
How to check credit car or not
Another option is to go with the owner in the official dealer center. To obtain detailed information on the subject of whether the vehicle is purchased on credit, its first owner.