You will need
  • Internet access
To begin to find out the VIN number of the car that gives most of the information. It is a sequence of numbers and letters. This code was assigned to all machines produced after 1980. This set of numbers and letters bears the name of the manufacturer, model number and year.
After that, go to any search engine and try to enter the code in the search box. It is possible that the previous owner of this vehicle had used it on specialized forums for car repairs. If you are lucky, you will get most of the facts from the history of operation of the vehicle: failure, replaced parts, testing and diagnostics of nodes.
Also on the Internet there are many services that will help you to check the car for collateral, history carfax provided that the car came to us from overseas. If the first owner bought this car in the showroom, be sure to check it how was paid for the purchase of the vehicle: cash or credit.
If the car was purchased on credit, then be sure to check whether it is fully repaid, otherwise refrain from buying. If you have friends in the traffic police, ask them to check the history of the car in its databases, and then compare the received information with the information specified in the passport of technical means. Taking this opportunity, inspect the vehicle for participation in accidents and thefts.
If you buy the car in your city, try to find out from friends or in garages, if they know about the advantages and disadvantages of this car. Under certain circumstances you will tell and show you all the weak spots. Remember that hard to read the numbers on the main units of the machine are also a symptom of her "dark" history.
How to check the history of cars