Advice 1: How to determine that the machine is broken

In Russia, the number of sold used cars exceeds the number of sold new cars. If you decide to buy a car used, there is a real risk to buy the battered car that will lead to the emergence of various technical problems in the operation of this car. To accurately determine whether the machine is in an accident, will the car service, but you can identify during the inspection the condition of the car. To do this, pay attention to the following points.
How to determine that the machine is broken
Body painting should be uniform, and the gaps between body panels (front wings and windscreen, the windscreen and the bonnet, front bumper and front wings, the bonnet and wings, front wings and doors, the front and rear doors) – uniform.
Traces of loosening the bolts of the front fenders, hood, and trunk lid.
Check to see if racovalis license plates.
On the bottom traces of welding.
On the windshield should be the mark of the manufacturer, provider, company which manufactured the car.
Doors shall close tightly, without gaps.
Under the hood there should not be drips of oil and coolant.
The absence of curvatures of the fan blades of the cooler.
The condition of electrical equipment: generator, distributor, ignition coil, starter, voltage regulator, relay battery. They must be free of damage, securely attached.
No dents on the fuel lines, fuel tank.
To check the paintwork apply the device-an indicator that the thickness of the coating determines repainted the car or not.
Useful advice
Please note, what kind of paint painted the trunk inside. If the paint other than what's on the outside, this suggests that the car was painted.

Advice 2 : How to check whether the machine is broken

A considerable share of the automobile market usually are used cars. Such cars on the market a great variety as by price range and model series. Usually the price of cars with mileage always matches the quality, but there are sellers that earn by selling slightly damaged cars repaired. Therefore, when buying a used car it is important to know whether she was involved previously in an accident.
How to check whether the machine is broken

Checking the colour

In order to see whether the machine involved in accidents, you can use a special device – the thickness of paint coatings. This unit defines the thickness of the paint which is deposited on the item. Lean the device to the necessary parts of the car body, after which the display shows the paint thickness to check the details. Typically, the thickness of the applied paint on the factory car varies from 80 to 150 microns. If the item was repainted for the paint, paint thickness will be much greater, about 200 microns. There are great values in those cases when in the process of repair putty was used. Also the device can display, on the contrary, a very small amount. This means that after painting has been done several times the procedure of abrasive polishing, or painting technology was incorrect, without the use of soil. Thickness is not the cheapest device, but at the moment there are a lot of companies and individuals offering rental of this device.

Check headlight and glass

If in the event of an accident the collision occurred on one side only, headlamps must be different, so when choosing a machine don't forget to check them out. Possible, lights will be externally identical, but the serial numbers are different headlights to match can not, therefore, one of the lights with different rooms is not the works that may indicate a possible involvement of this car in an accident. Do not forget to check the marking of car Windows. Automotive plant on all Windows machines churning out the same marking, so it is a mismatch on a certain glass means that it replaced.

Rapid corrosion of broken car

If the car is covered with a thick layer of mud is the first sign of the different defects that the seller so just trying to hide it. Usually broken car rather quickly rots. When purchasing, check problem areas such as wheel arches, sills and the bottom for rust. For this procedure, you will need a viewing hole or overpass.

Checking clearances

Another sign of involvement of the vehicle in the accident is the difference of gap sizes. For example, between the bonnet and wing there are gaps of a certain size, and in the case that the sizes of these clearances on both sides do not match each other, the car has undergone a poor repair, perhaps after the accident. To check the gap in car doors need to open them and shake up and down to determine end play in hinges.
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