You will need
  • Database for stolen cars.
First examine the documents on the subject of counterfeiting. Note the external condition of the documents. Suspicion can cause very worn or washed forms. Such documents are easier to spoof content. Requires the presence of security features: watermarks, holograms which must be clearly legible and undamaged. If the car is imported from abroad, you should verify that the data sheet is blank on the prohibition of alienation. In the case of sale of car by proxy it is recommended to check its authenticity on the subject of prohibition of transactions for the sale of the car.
You can independently check the compliance of the rooms, which are filled on the engine and the car body, with the numbers given in the data sheet. This can attract versed in such matters know. Pay attention to license plates. Suspicions can cause colored rooms. Sometimes attackers modify similar in appearance digits and repaint them.
Even if all previous checks did not cause any suspicion, it is still necessary to check the car for theft database car inspection. This procedure can be performed by contacting any division of traffic police. If the seller refuses to undergo such a procedure, then, most likely, with a car that something is wrong. The reason for such behavior of the seller so that the traffic police are required to impound the vehicle if it is registered in the theft. If the car was imported into the country from abroad, then you need to check the Interpol database, was he not deported outside the country.
There is another alternative method to trace the history of the car. More recently, firms that provide services for checking the car for theft. These firms have close links with the traffic police, Interpol, customs. Not only can they inform you about the "purity" of the machine, but also to give a conclusion with necessary signatures. You can also use the database of sites and