One of the most common ways of testing a car for collateral in the Bank is the use of VIN-code. To do this, go online and look for websites offering this service, with compensation. Then, the corresponding line on the website, enter the VIN number of the car that you want to check. If he is in the pledge, the screen shows information about the Bank and the date of termination of the Deposit.
A sure sign that the car is pledged to the Bank: the price, the documents and the behavior of sellers. Guard, if the cost of selling the machine at 10-15% below the average value of similar cars. View title if it is stamped "Duplicate", and the car is still "young", think about it, because banks when issuing loans take the original title until full repayment of the debt.
Let's see how the picked car. As a rule, the credit machine will be factory equipment. What is "for itself" is likely to be absent, for example, radio, alarm, etc.
To see the car as collateral the Bank or not, please contact "the Center of credit histories", located in your city or in OJSC "National Bureau of credit histories", which is located at the address: Russian Federation, Moscow, Skatertny pereulok, Dom 20, building 1, phone: 8(495) 221-78-37. To get the information you will need to provide passport details of the owner of the vehicle. This can be obtained free of charge and not more than 1 time per year.
In addition, whether a car loan are available in the official dealer center. For this we turn to his staff along with the owner of the car, they will provide you with all necessary information including car was decorated in a credit to her previous owners.