Medical insurance policy is, in this case, the document confirming the conclusion of your medical insurance contract. In case of loss of the policy you must complete the recovery procedure in this document in order to protect themselves from unwanted consequences of the lack of this document, such as payment for services of polyclinics by place of residence, including costly and specialized.
If you're not working and you have an accident, associated with the loss of medical insurance, contact your local clinic. There you will receive detailed information according to health insurance companies with which your clinic signed a contract of compulsory insurance, and which provides a guarantee of payment when the insured event occurs, namely, your appeal to the doctor, that is receiving inpatient or outpatient care. Also you can get the address of medical insurance company in the Territorial medical insurance Fund of the town or district.
After receiving the necessary information, send to the address. From documents take a Russian passport, and medical records from the clinic where you serve, where you specify the contract number of OMS. The lack of a medical card should not in any way affect the issuance of a new policy, as you registered in the medical insurance company.
To say about the loss of the policy, complete the application indicating the circumstances of the loss, either do it orally. After applying for lost health insurance policy is canceled, it is excluded from the unified database, and you are issued a new insurance policy.
If you are employed, contact your employer or personally to the insurance company with which your employer has entered into a contract of insurance, and on this basis issued you a policy. It can be as the contract of obligatory medical insurance and voluntary medical insurance.
In case of loss or theft of a VMI policy, i.e. voluntary medical insurance, decorated by you alone, contact person in the insurance company with which you signed the contract.