You will need
  • -passport
  • -statement
  • -policy
  • -birth certificate of children
  • -employment history unemployed
  • -certificate of pension to pensioners
  • -student ticket
Help be sure to get children, pregnant women and people who called the ambulance, and their state of health requires emergency care. To avoid this, the policy needs time to renew.
All working population gets and prolongs the policy of OMS at the place of work. Contact the specialist to work with staff. Write a statement about the renewal policyand bring the policy have expired insurance and a passport. After a while you will return policy extended term insurance.
All pensioners, unemployed citizens, students, children, students extend medical insurance policy in the administration of the place of residence. Write a statement on the renewal policyand, provide a passport or certificate of birth, employment history or pension certificate, the policy have expired insurance. After some time, you will be given a insurance policy with an extended term insurance.
Students can renew the insurance policy, like the place of study and place of residence. Please contact the school in the Dean's office to the responsible person. Present policy expired insurance and student ID. When renewing the residence – in the administration of his district a statement and your student.
Unemployed persons who are registered as unemployed at the labor exchange can renew the policy, by application at the place of registration on the exchange.
All citizens without exception can apply directly to the insurance company and extend medical policy. Present your passport, insurance policy, proof of your social status.