You will need
  • - passport - to establish the place of registration;
  • - certificate of temporary registration - in the absence of a permanent residence permit;
  • - residence permit - for foreign citizens;
  • - birth certificate and certificate from the house administration on registration of the child when making child policy.
Please contact the human resources Department. Medical policies all working citizens give it. To do this, bring a passport or any other of the documents mentioned above. The design of a new health insurance policy usually takes one to three weeks. However, remember that in case of dismissal of the insurance document will have to pass and get a new one independently.
If you are not working, go to the clinic to which you are assigned. Most often the points of delivery of policies are there. Pass in the window all the necessary documents. The policy will give you immediately not have to wait.
If the issuing of policies in the clinic were not available, please contact reception. There you are required to report the address of the nearest insurance companies serving the health care facility.
To restore the policy of the child in addition to your regular passport, bring a birth certificate, and a certificate from the housing on the registration of the baby.
Remember that in connection with the introduction of new, electronic, insurance policies, the validity of the old extended to January two thousand and fourteen. Regardless of when a date is specified on the document. Therefore it is urgent to change these policies makes no sense. You can use them along with electronic media.