Today in Russia there are two types of medical insurance – obligatory and voluntary. The insurance medical policy of voluntary insurance (VHI) in most cases, employers make out is a pretty popular way to "strengthen the social package". But even in this case, the policy of compulsory insurance you must have – after all, DMS are only those of the medical organization with which the insurance company contract and policy , OMS ensures you receive medical care throughout the country.
In case you formalized at work, the insurance medical policy of obligatory insurance you have to be in place. By law, the policy must be issued in the first days after your employment. Typically, execution of such documents in the insurance company engaged in the personnel Department. At dismissal you should take the policy of OMS and to obtain a new place of employment.
If you are working – receive the insurance medical policy of obligatory insurance it is possible in the clinic by place of residence. For insurance purposes, it is sufficient to prove that the community you are "assigned" to this medical institution. This can be a stamp of registration or certificate of temporary registration.
Insurance is issued free of charge. But if you lose a certificate of insurance for the issuance of a duplicate you will have to pay.