You will need
  • - passport;
  • - employment history;
  • - old medical insurance policy.
Get the necessary information about the replacement procedure of the policy in the clinic or hospital where you are served, insurance companies, official websites etc. You need to find the application form for the replacement policy and choose the insurance organization. At renewal of the policy, you receive a new document and extension of the existing should fill out different documents, so be aware. Write down the addresses, telephone numbers and time points of issue and registration policies.
Collect all the necessary documents. If you change a policy independently, then together with the application you have to provide proof of identity (birth certificate or passport), information about the residence permit or the temporary registration by place of residence (an official form or the corresponding page in the passport). You also need a statement about the representation of the rights of minor children (if you change the policy to the child), required employment history, insurance number of individual personal account. The documents in different health insurance organizations may be different. With documents remove copy – number is specified in the requirements of the health insurance companies. When you fill out an application, be sure to leave your contact information so that you can contact.
If you are working, and the policy is made out by the employer, then you only need to hand over the old policy. The completed document you will receive in the personnel Department after the standard time required to replace medical policy.
At the time of registration of the new policy employees of the insurance company must provide you with a provisional certificate, which will confirm registration document and certify your right to receive medical care. It is valid until, until you issue a new policy.
When you receive policy , check the correctness of document – passport details (including date, year of birth, date of passport issue), the spelling of your name, the expiration date of the policy and other information. Under the assumption of inaccuracies and errors in the design of the policy the insurance company is obliged to replace it within one working day.