Advice 1: What to do if there is no policy

Insurance guarantees to the insured person receive free medical care on the territory of the Russian Federation in any medical institution, regardless of the place of permanent residence (Federal law № 326-F3). If you for some reason, there is no policy, then to obtain medical care in several ways.
What to do if there is no policy
Without policy OMS you can get emergency medical help by calling emergency. If your medical condition is life threatening, then you will have a whole range of medical care and treatment, regardless of whether you have policy or not. If you want to get medical care without insurance policy, but your health is not in danger of your life, then it can be done for a fee by contacting the medical institution at the place of residence or in any hospital operating on a commercial basis.If you are unable to pay for medical care, get a full range of medical services on a temporary medical insurance certificate, which is issued on the day of treatment to the insurance company for a period of 30 days, during which you will issue permanent insurance. To obtain a temporary insurance certificate, contact any insurance company that has a state license to conduct insurance. To present the passport, the insurance pension certificate. You will be issued a temporary policy, you have the right to apply in any medical institution and receive all the necessary services.To obtain medical health insurance and temporary insurance certificate can not only Russian citizens, but also visitors from other States if they have a residence permit on the territory of the Russian Federation, issued by the FMS. If you are working, you can get the provisional certificate and the policy of compulsory medical insurance, contact your employer. If you don't exercise, you will be given all the necessary documents for medical care in the administration of the place of residence.To obtain a medical insurance policy absolutely no problem and no documents except, this is not required. Therefore, you can choose to receive only emergency medical services or pay all medical services or to seek registration of the policy of OMS, to the same day, the provisional certificate and passing all examination and treatment totally free.

Advice 2: What should I do if I place an insurance policy?

Probably, many car owners are faced with such a situation: came to the office of the insurance company for the registration of insurance policies, but they were denied under the pretext of lack of forms. However, if the client has agreed to insure and even life forms magically appeared. Thus, the CTP came out much more expensive, as was imposed on additional services.
What should I do if I place an insurance policy?

In fact such actions of the insurance company are illegal. The press service of the Bank of Russia issued an official explanation on this matter. In accordance with the Federal law "About obligatory insurance of a civil liability of owners of vehicles" insurance is a public contract, therefore, the failure possibility of the conclusion of the contract unacceptable. So the answer is "no Forms" is illegal, and you can safely go to court.

As a rule, to blank forms "appeared" to motorists impose additional services. Then you can refer to the "Law on the protection of consumer rights", which expressly prohibits the insurers to impose additional amenities in the design of insurance policies.

If that the company "will not catch" and she still refuses to enter into a contract of insurance, it can be forced through the courts, moreover, it will be obliged to compensate material and moral damage.

The car owner remains only to prove the fact of treatment to the insurance company. This can be done in several ways. The easiest is to grab a tape recorder and record the conversation. Better still, if your conversation will confirm a couple of witnesses – so bring friends. The law also allowed the use of photos and video, but most likely, the insurers will require to remove them and will not go on contact (although, in fact, have no right, even referring to a trade secret – photo - and video filming of any citizen can make to any private areas, unclassified and non-strategic venture and especially in a private office).

You can also send the insurer a letter (contract offer) through the mail with a return receipt requested. The insurance company in accordance with the Civil code of the Russian Federation within 30 days of the receipt must either sign the contract or to refuse on legal grounds.

So, if you refuse to conclude a contract CTP, you must collect evidence that you appealed to insurance company and you are denied, submit them to the Bank of Russia, the Prosecutor's office of the Federal Antimonopoly service or Rospotrebnadzor, and submit an application to the court. The judge will oblige the company to sign a contract and pay you compensation.

Advice 3: What if the insurance company provides a discount on insurance?

Every car owner annually faced with the necessity of conclusion of agreement of compulsory third party liability insurance (OSAGO). What to do if the insurance company refuses to provide discounts for accident-free driving?
Insurance CTP
FZ "About insurance" provides an opportunity to apply at the conclusion of the insurance contract additional reduction factor a bonus-Malus (MSC), which depends on the presence or absence of losses in the previous period of insurance. So, for each year of accident-free driving provides 5% discount, this discount is cumulative. In 2014, it is possible to use the maximum discount that will save you up to half the cost of the policy, calculated without discount.

In recent time, due to high loss ratio in insurance, trial practice, collecting fines, and the tightening of control by the Russian Union of Insurers, the insurance companies try not to apply discounts for break-even. In most cases, insurers refer to the absence of an automated information system (AIS RAMI) discount. Do if before the discounts the insurance applied "with" (was enough to show previous insurance policy), now it's much more difficult.

AIS RAMI is valid for a relatively short time (approximately from mid 2012 – early 2013) and many companies incorrectly discharged into the system data about the class of MSC, the presence or absence of accidents. Very often, clerical errors were made when entering information in the system will eventually cause the motorist to pay and be insured for 3rd class (MSC=1).

If You are faced with a similar situation, you should contact and enter into a contract of insurance in that company, which was insured previously. Remember that discounts for break-even are within a year after termination of the contract of insurance, and the cost of insurance CTP in all companies are the same, the force of law. As a confirmation of the discounts, You can contact your insurance company and request information about the presence or the absence of loss in the prescribed form (Annex 4 to the Regulations CTP). The information should be provided to You within 5 days from the date of application.

If the company denies You insurance or refuses to provide legitimate discounts should prepare a complaint to the Prosecutor's office, PCA and FSIS with reference to the violation of the norms of the current legislation on mandatory insurance.
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