Without policy OMS you can get emergency medical help by calling emergency. If your medical condition is life threatening, then you will have a whole range of medical care and treatment, regardless of whether you have policy or not. If you want to get medical care without insurance policy, but your health is not in danger of your life, then it can be done for a fee by contacting the medical institution at the place of residence or in any hospital operating on a commercial basis.If you are unable to pay for medical care, get a full range of medical services on a temporary medical insurance certificate, which is issued on the day of treatment to the insurance company for a period of 30 days, during which you will issue permanent insurance. To obtain a temporary insurance certificate, contact any insurance company that has a state license to conduct insurance. To present the passport, the insurance pension certificate. You will be issued a temporary policy, you have the right to apply in any medical institution and receive all the necessary services.To obtain medical health insurance and temporary insurance certificate can not only Russian citizens, but also visitors from other States if they have a residence permit on the territory of the Russian Federation, issued by the FMS. If you are working, you can get the provisional certificate and the policy of compulsory medical insurance, contact your employer. If you don't exercise, you will be given all the necessary documents for medical care in the administration of the place of residence.To obtain a medical insurance policy absolutely no problem and no documents except, this is not required. Therefore, you can choose to receive only emergency medical services or pay all medical services or to seek registration of the policy of OMS, to the same day, the provisional certificate and passing all examination and treatment totally free.