You will need
  • - identity card (passport);
  • - SNILS;
  • - the application for registration of medical insurance.
According to the Federal law "On mandatory medical insurance in the Russian Federation" of 29.11.2010 g № 326-FZ from January 1, 2011, any citizen has the right personally to choose an insurance company to obtain medical insurance. In Moscow you can refer to, for example, in company ROSNO-MS, medstrakh, Max-M in may 2011 documents are issued for a single country of the sample.
When choosing an insurance company, be sure to visit her site, read the procedure for obtaining policies. In principle, it is almost the same everywhere, but can still be small differences. After this you need to download the application form or obtain it at the office of the insurance company and fill it out. You will need to provide the following information: name, age, sex, the address of the place of registration and place of residence, passport number, nationality, phone. Persons belonging to preferential categories of citizens and persons with disabilities have the opportunity to fill out an application for insurance directly online and receive the document at home.
Next, you will need to come with application form, passport and SNILS (if any) to the office of the insurance company. The list of required documents is slightly different, if you get insurance for persons under 14 years of age. In this case, you will have to provide the birth certificate of the child, his social security number and your ID card of the legal representative.
It is important to know that getting the policy in Moscow is not dependent on the presence or absence of you have a capital registration, as long as you were a citizen of the Russian Federation. The employee is obliged to take your documents and submit them to the database of the insured, and in addition, to issue you a temporary certificate of registration of the policy, which will certify your eligibility for medical assistance.
The validity of the interim policy is usually 30 days, during which issued your new policy. When you are ready a new document, the company will notify you by phone or email specified in the statement.
Citizens who are not citizens of the Russian Federation also provided the possibility of obtaining medical insurance. In accordance with the Federal law "On refugees", for the design of the policy to the person who obtained such status, you must provide the insurance company a certificate of examination of an application for refugee status or a refugee certificate.
Foreigners residing in the country, you will need to provide a passport of his native state, SNILS (at presence), a residence permit and temporarily residing in Russia for foreign citizens – a passport with a mark about the permission of temporary stay and SNILS (at presence).
Persons without the citizenship, constantly living in the Russian Federation for registration of medical insurance you must bring to the office of the insurance company the identity of the person without citizenship, residence and social security number (if any). For temporarily residing in Russia, stateless persons, necessary documents will be the identification mark of the permission of temporary stay in the country or a document in established form issued in the Russian Federation, persons without citizenship, not having the document proving his identity and, if available, social security number.
If you are unable to independently obtain a policy of OSM, you can send your documents with a representative. If it is your parent, Trustee or guardian, in addition to your documents for issue of the policy, he will need to provide only their passport or other identity document. Another your representative will have to bring also a certified power of attorney on registration as insured in the chosen insurance medical organisation.